Looking to the Future is a Glass Face, based on Positive Myths of Natures People. Mounted in a Black 10"x10" Wall Hanging Shadowbox.
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This piece was inspired by greek myth of Narcissus and Echo and made to look like a woodland sprite or nymph. The glass mask was handcrafted using specialized torches that generate temperatures well above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme temperatures are needed to melt and manipulate the Borosilicate Glass.
This is the same type of glass that scientists use for test tubes and beakers due to its high level of strength and durability. To ensure it obtains its maximum strength and durability I place each piece into a computerized kiln that slowly cools the glass over the course of many hours. This allows both the glass on the inside and the outside of the piece to cool and shrink at a uniform and consistent rate throughout. This process is called annealing. When properly annealed glass can last thousands of years. Thus allowing it to be enjoyed by many generations of people.

Mounted into a black shadowbox 10" x 10" x 2"
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